My new album King of the Road out now

…Or at least in two hours. Like Willie Nelson sometimes does, I wanted to release this one on my birthday. It’s currently stocked at Tome Records near Hackney Central, London, in cassette form; you’ll also be able to buy the tape from my Bandcamp soon (in advance of the launch… more on that below). From 3 September, it’ll be up for streaming on all major streaming sites (Spotify, etc), and downloadable from Amazon, iTunes, and so on.

The video for “Home at Last”, the sort-of-single, is online now at YouTube. It stars my little boy Kurt. The B-side of that song, “I Can’t Wait to See Her Again”, was played by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music… which was really cool. That one is also on the tape album, track three.

My cassette launch gig is on Sunday 16 September at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, London. On the bill with me is Scrappy Hood of Milk Kan and Ross Palmer, the genius who makes my music sound like music.

Anyway… happy birthday to me.

Yo Zushi Poster ServantsJPEG V


RIP Jazzman John Clarke

John was the King of Deptford, a little man with a big voice and a big heart. He had carrier bags full of words, and paper fliers advertising the live jazz performance of those words. Beat poet out of time, worked in a bank until the night bus took him into the jet black funk of Coltrane, Kerouac, men with a mission wearing weird hats and borrowed personas. He had too many verses for one life. He was a friend to us all and I’ll miss him. I even wrote this sort of in his style – which I think he’d have found funny.

New Album: “King of the Road” by Yo Zushi

I’ll be releasing my first “new” album in three years on 3 September 2018 – which is my birthday. Apparently Willie Nelson puts out records on his birthday. I’m just copying him. I say “new” because the songs were largely written and recorded just after my last album, It Never Entered My Mind (Eidola Records), came out in 2015/2016.

So far, I know KotR will be available from all streaming and mp3 download sites. Should I go for cassette or CD, too? Not sure. The cover stars are (left to right): Tim Street, Sean King, Sasha Ilyukevich, Joel Stewart, Adam Beattie, me and Zoe Taylor. None of these people are on the album except me (as usual, it mostly contains Ross Palmer). Just an old picture I like.


King of the Road cover hires 300dpi.jpg